Overseas exposures:

  • Foreign based property
  1. Manufacturing facilities, equipment or other assets
  • Foreign voluntary Workers Compensation / Employers Liability / Accidental Death & Dismemberment / Kidnap & Ransom
  1. Employees traveling overseas
  2. Foreign based employees
  • Foreign General Liability to cover foreign operations exposure
  • Foreign Automobile Liability

Coverage can be arranged to fit different needs:

  • Local Policies - Policies written by local insurers in each country where the business operates.
  • Global Policy - A single policy issued in the U.S. covering your operations in every country.
  • Controlled Master Program - A combination of admitted and non-admitted insurance designed to provide coverage and related services on a consistent basis around the world.

Companies operating overseas have specialized property and casualty insurance requirements. Whether your company is just beginning to operate in overseas markets or you have extensive multinational operations, we are able to work with our network of global insurers to arrange the proper coverage.

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