Overseas customers usually want you to extend credit.  Interest rates in their country may be high and their access to capital limited, so they would prefer to buy on credit terms. While selling on credit to foreign customers will increase sales, it will also increase risks. While you may know your foreign customer well and have good payment history with them, events outside of their control could prevent them from paying. Businesses operating overseas often need to make significant investments in foreign countries. These investments must sometimes be made in unsafe and unstable countries where the risk of arbitrary government actions is high.


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Whether your company seeks to maximize sales, establish or expand a business overseas, your success will depend on how well you have managed the increased risks.   We are able to help you manage these risks.  J. Maxime Roy, Inc. is one of the leading trade credit and political risk insurance brokers in the U.S. Our clients, which range from small family owned companies to large multinationals, require customized coverage for their individual needs. We are able to apply our years of experience in trade credit insurance and global risk mitigation, along with our network of industry contacts to customize solutions for reducing risks of doing business overseas.


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  • Increased sales - (95%) of the world's consumers live outside the United States.
  • Foreign sales typically result in higher profit margins. 
  • Investment and Business Expansion Overseas - investing or establishing a business overseas is often the natural consequence of a growing company. 

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